What to do to be a good player in cs go

CS:GO is a team-based game and players need to cooperate well with each other and use their tactical thinking skills. Below I describe some effective tactics for success in-game:
Communicate With Your Team: In CS:GO, you need to communicate well with your team. Set game plan and strategy with your team and discuss which areas you should go first. You can also coordinate your team's movements by sharing the locations of enemies with your teammates.
Know the Map Well: Knowing the map well in CS:GO can provide a great advantage in the game. Learn about the different zones, corridors and gates on the map. In this way, you can determine in advance where the enemies may come from and the points you need to defend.
Act with Your Team: It is very important to act together with your team in the game. Move with your teammates instead of facing the enemies alone. In this way, you can surround your enemies and easily change your defensive and offensive positions.
Choose the Right Weapons: Choosing the right weapon is important in CS:GO. When choosing your weapon when you start the game, you must decide according to the amount of money and the needs of your team. In some cases cheaper weapons such as submachine guns may be preferred, while in other cases more powerful weapons such as the AWP or AK-47 may be required.
Use Explosives Correctly: In CS:GO, explosives can be used to gain control of the map. You can use explosives such as Molotov cocktails and grenades to set up bombs or defend an area.
Be Quiet: Being quiet in-game is important so you can spot enemies early on. Your footsteps can alert enemies and cause them to spot you easily

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